European Technology Center

EuTEC researches innovative technologies, manages their standardization, creates patents and contributes to Sony products by delivering prototypes and product components.

As a Sony Corporate Lab, EuTEC looks at technologies up to approximately 6 years before product introduction. Together with partners at renowned universities and research institutes, we identify new technologies that are ready to bring value to innovative Sony products. Making such new ideas and technologies applicable for Sony is our key mission.

We always strive to create an innovative and international work environment that brings up new ideas and technologies. This target is greatly supported by our close collaboration with many European universities that send us their best students for internships and research projects.

EuTEC's key competencies reside in the areas of audio, video and communications signal processing as well as optical system design. EuTEC contributions to the product and technology portfolio of Sony include:


  • Mm-wave radar systems
  • Digital demodulation ICs for worldwide reception of analogue TV standards  (audio & video)
  • Speech recognition and natural language processing for Sony devices (EU languages)
  • 3D surround sound
  • Depth estimation technologies by with and without active illumination
  • Design for optical engines

Beyond pure R&D, EuTEC acts as European window for Sony in the areas of technical standardization and industry relationships. EuTEC participates to numerous standardization bodies, such as:

Nearfield Communications (NFC), Global Platform, GSMA, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), Digital Audio Broadcasting (DMB), IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) & Homeplug.